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Smarter Approach
Better Results
Perfect arrangements for recovery your company’s credit. Accomplish way better call middle financial matters with cost-effective nearshore outsourcing arrangements.
Total customers served
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The number of customers provided with electric service by the distribution facility.
Total operating employees
Over 269 Albertans are employed in the SMP solutions, information and related clerks occupational group.
Focus on Quality

You Don’t Have to Give Up The Customer Experience.

Center on the development of your commerce without the burden of coastal call center cost. Comparison gauges around a 50% investment funds over coastal foundation and administration.
Better Economics
Our rates and costs are 50% less than within the U.S.
Modern Technology
Framework is coordinates with progressed innovations.
Strategic Partner
We are totally turnkey program prepared to help.


years of experience
SMP Solutions Call Center
Control Procedures and Process

Easily Adjust to Your Strategy.

You and your management team have complete control over our professionals. We operate as an extension of your business strategy.
We Proudly Support Impact Sourcing
We are redefining what it means to hire top talent by practicing socially responsible outsourcing.
We Believe Everyone Deserves a Chance
We accept everybody merits an opportunity to make a brilliant expert future for themselves. Our comprehensive strategic approaches give chances to individuals restricted choices for formal work.

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Business Confidence 100% Cultural Alignment.

Socially adjusted administrations to North American markets include 100% highlight unbiased workforce.

Customer Service

In the current market landscape, it takes more than a good product or service to satisfy customers. Excellent customer support that goes above and beyond expectations to solve concerns not only leaves customers fulfilled but can inspire loyalty to your brand

Business Process Outsourcing

Back-office operations are necessary for every business to function smoothly. From routine tasks like data entry and claims filing to more specialized work that requires specific expertise, business process outsourcing ensures that each job gets done better, faster, and at a fraction of the cost.

Humanized Service

Nearshore for a Variety of Industries.

We work particularly with little and medium estimate businesses to convey a more prudent arrangement than running an inland call center. Center more on running your trade.
Financial Services
Debt Collection
Tech Support

Solutions Tailored To Your Business.

Our specialists and framework can offer assistance bolster a wide assortment of key objectives and objectives.